Exhausted …

15 08 2007

I have been recently busy with some coding. About 2 weeks ago, while working with GROMACS using my small Gromacs GUI app, I found that it was time to add some new features . I decided to rewrite it all over, but this time in Qt4. Python provides a simplified way to write your code, but I think using C++ with Qt flavor can be a real good alternative.

So the work on new Gromacs GUI version started and it is taking shape slowly. Not perfect yet but satisfying. It has got a simple plot viewer and a built-in console now. I wanted to add a molecular viewer too but I thought there wouldn’t be enough time to implement a good viewer in near future so it would be better to focus on other parts like completion of front-ends for commands. Qt4 is a very good toolkit; not only for GUIs, but also for usual non-GUI applications. It is astonishing!

Now, after 2 weeks, quite tired; but I must say that I enjoyed C++/Qt coding a lot.

Next week the surgery course (of internship stage) will start. OMG… What a busy summer… .

EDIT: I changed my rotation from surgery to psychiatry. The surgery rotation will  start on 22 October.




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