A mixture of different interests, from molecular basis of life and diseases to chemical reactions and interactions, pharmacology and medicine, computers and programming and finally stars and black holes, is who that my parents named Reza about 25 years ago.

These are roughly all my interests in my life. I have been struggling these years to find a way to put almost all my interests together on a specific subject. I know it is impossible to master in all these different interests, but I think a trade-off among them is possible. So I was interested in de-novo inhibitor design.

My name is Reza Salari and I live in Tehran. I study medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.I also studied molecular biology and got an undergraduate degree (BSc) because of a facility for so-called outstanding students. Pursuing two majors simultaneously wasn’t easy but I enjoyed studying molecular biology.

I am currently researching about the effects of molecular dynamics on protein-ligand interactions as part of my MD thesis work. I especially like the idea of combinational approach to anti-cancer drugs (one compound to detect abnormal cells and be concentrated there which at a special concentration triggers the activation of the other compound, killer one). It is completely a crude idea now (although I have some candidates in mind at least for the interaction of two compounds) and I need to learn lots of things to examine this idea.

I am looking for a relevant graduate program like molecular biophysics, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences or chemical biology, to start my studies at graduate level in the fall of 2008.
You can find my CV here.


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